DORAJECT + AD3E LA is a long-acting 1% injectable solution indicated for the treatment and control of:

CATTLE: Gastro-intestinal roundworms, parafilaria, screwworms and single host ticks.

SHEEP: Sheep roundworms, sheep scab, nasalworm, blowfly strike and itch mites.

Doramectin 1,0% m/v, Vitamin A 3,3% m/v,

Vitamin D3 0,01% m/v, Vitamin E 5,0% m/v

Reg. No.:

G3912 Act 36/1947

Alt Reg. No.:

NS0 V13/18.1.8/1190 Act 13/2003

Species: ‏‏‎ ‎



Cattle and Sheep: 1ml DORAJECT + AD3E per 50kg live mass.

Route of administration: Subcutaneous injection


Cattle Meat: 35 days

Sheep Meat: 56 days

Milk: Not for human consumption

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